My day trip to Auburn, IN - USA

Kruse Automotive Horse Power & Carriage Museum

At the Kruse Horse Power Museum
At the Kruse Horse Power Museum


The Kruse Automotive & Carriage Museum features a variety of vehicles to entertain the whole family.

All under one roof you can enjoy the classic beauty of a Duesenberg, and feel an adrenaline rush looking at the aerodynamic lines of an Indy race car. Admire the workmanship and ingenuity of antique carriages and get a close-up look at cars from your television and movie favorites. Finally, you can view one of the world's finest collections of custom hot rods, built by Carl Casper.

Movie cars like the General Lee, the A-Team Van, the Batmobile, Knight Rider and so on... were displayed.

My personal highlight was the NASCAR section with Jeff Gordon's #24 Car and Dale Earnhardt's legendary #3 Car. WOW!!!


Carl Caspers Dragsters from the 70'ties and a whole section of Indycars from the 90'ties.

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