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In the late '60s and early '70s, a backward K put the terror into many a racer.  This backward K meant that you were up against a "Nickey" built car from the dealership owned by Edward and John Stephani, the midwest's one stop high performance marketplace.  Nickey joined Bill Thomas from California in the venture that would become one of the country's largest sellers of high performance cars and parts.  This was accomplished through lots of advertising, distributing a large mail-order catalog, and by selling some of the hottest cars ever built.  If you had the money, Nickey would either build you the car and/or sell you the parts to build it.  If the lure of owning a supercar wasn't enough to get you hooked, Nickey advertised that they would pay the airfare one-way for you to pick up the car of your choice.  Most Nickey cars were Camaros, even though you could get other models such as Novas and Chevelles. The Location of the dealer was 4501 Irving Park Road, Chicago, IL.






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