2002 35th Anniversary Camaro SS Performance Edition

by GMMG in Marietta, Georgia - USA



GMMGinc. in Marrietta, GA builds high performance Fbodies and is working closely with the Chevrolet Motor Division. The supercar maker developed some very unique high performance cars as the Intimidator SS. the Berger & Tom Henry SS, the ZL1 Supercar and the Dick Harrell Edition Camaro that could be sold to just a few participating dealerships like Matt Berger, Tom Herny and Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet. Each dealership could then add their special markings wheel options, and badges to set them apart.


Based on a 2002 35th Anniversary Camaro the supercar maker was offering a limited number of Performance Packages to "Z4C" cars which transformed a 35thLE into a 35thPE - Performance Edition -  with the choice of 4 power stages, from 380 up to 680HP! The upgraded cars received all new badges, a black billet grill, different hood stripes, a chambered exhaust and a flat black tailpanel.







 Chevrolet Camaro

4. Gen 1993-2002

2002 35th Anniversary PE by GMMG

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