2002 35th Anniversary Camaro SS Limited Edition by SLP


2002 was the final year of the Camaro following 35 years of production. Scott Settlemire, Chevrolet's Camaro / Corvette Team Chief, had his team create this final limited edition Camaro taking a little bit of each generation in order to produce a truly remarkable collector car.



35th Anniversary SS convertible and coupe
35th Anniversary SS convertible and coupe



The 2002 year model was produced at the Saint Therese GM Plant in Quebec, Canada . The cars were then covered with butcher paper and loaded up on trailers.  If any Second Sticker options (Y2Y options) were ordered then the loaded trailers made the trip to the offices of Street Legal Performance (SLP) in La Salle, Quebec, Canada.  These Y2Y options resulted in the same type of legendary vehicles created by Yenko and Baldwin Motion back in the late 1960s and early 1970s.



SLP content included the addition of hoods, stripe packages, 35th Anniversary cusomized mats, car cover, and various engine and exhaust components.  Although these items were not installed at the GM plant, they are considered to be OEM since they were part of the original order placed by the buyer at the dealership and these options fell under GM's Y2Y option contract with SLP.  After the addition of Y2Y content, they cars again recevied a generous covering of butcher paper, were loaded up on trailers, and were then transported to their dealer destinations for delivery to their respetive buyer.



Loaded trailer with SLP equipped SS models
Loaded trailer with SLP equipped SS models



All of the 2002 Camaro SS LEs are based upon a Z28 platform. They received additional performance modifications in the form of the SS options. Y2Y Second Sticker options from SLP could only be ordered directly from the dealership. All LEs share the same paint and stripes; Red with Silver checkered stripes and they were either a T-top or convertible model. They also share the 35th Anniversary Limited Edition SS emblem.



There were a total of 3,369 LEs produced during the Camaro line's final year. The first and the last were placed in the GM museum. Number 3,368 was auctioned off for $71,500. 369 LEs were produced for sale in Canada and the remaining 2,997 were destined for the United States.



Where is mine?
Where is mine?

Production Numbers

"Z4C" Build Counts


The first 45 "35th Anniversary Camaro's" which came off the GM production line with RPO Code "Z4C" were dedicated to the 2001 Brickyard 400 NASCAR race where they were shown to the public for the first time.



2001 Indianapolis Brickyard 400 Festival Car with RPO "Z4C"
2001 Indianapolis Brickyard 400 Festival Car with RPO "Z4C"

The Breakdown


3369 Camaro SS with 35th Anniversary Package RPO “Z4C”

3000 to the United States

0369 to Canada


Total 3,369 Coupes and Convertibles



0609 Convertibles with “MN6” 6-speed Transmission

0789 Convertibles with “MX0” Automatic Transmission

1190 Convertibles to the United States

0208 Convertibles to Canada


Total of 1,398 Convertibles



0934 Coupes with Removable Roof Panels and “MX0” Automatic Transmission

1037 Coupes with Removable Roof Panels and “MN6” 6-speed Transmission

1812 Coupes to the United States

0159 Coupes to Canada


Total of 1,971 Coupes




Why the "Z4C" looks the way it does...

by Scott Settlemire



The Last of a Breed: 2002 was the final year of the Camaro after 35 years of production. Scott Settlemire, Chevrolet's Camaro / Corvette Team Chief, had his team create this final Limited Edition Camaro taking a little bit of each generation in order to produce a truly remarkable collector car.

Colour: Best selling color ever on Camaro: White... The problem is that we've done white a whole bunch of times... Pace cars, track cars and the 30th Anniversary Camaro. Next best selling color over 34 years? Bright Red! For those of you who were going to say "Black" to the 2nd best selling color: We did not offer Black for 4 different years in the early 70s! Besides, Bright Red is a Sports Car color :-)


Wheels: A new wheel was out of the question from a cost standpoint and development timeframe... plus the 2000 SS wheel was designed with the IROC wheels in mind... so we thought we'd paint them medium dark gray and machine the edges to look like IROC wheels.

Funny thing happened... at 50 paces, the wheels did not look much different... but when we painted 'em black... Wow!


Hood: Black patch on the hood.... go look at a late 2nd gen Z28 hood... notice anything that looks familiar? Also, third gen Z28s and IROC's had dual air extractor vents painted black on the hoods.... we felt the patch was in keeping with Camaro heritage.


Stripes: Camaro has always had various stripe options and the original Z28 had dual stripes, since then the stripes have been used on all 4 generations Camaros.


Interior: I could not get the funding to do a new interior color... (You wouldn't believe what it costs to do a complete interior color match.) I asked for the light gray inserts... the color is actually pewter and it was available right away. The seats had to have some type of embroidery and we all felt that all 2002 Camaros should have the dash plaque. I felt strongly that the owners of 35th LE's should receive a  portfolio that celebrates what Camaro is all about.

Last minute: Interestingly the original 35thLE was to be Sebring Silver with Red/White/Blue stripes. The problem was that even after we clinic'd the Silver car in Detroit with 20 enthusiasts, we felt that the car did not look right. We went to John Cafaro and asked him to come up with something... and come up with it quick because we were already late in the program for pilot. I believe John did an incredible job with the stripes... while the stripes are dual in the classic sense, they are much more progressive in that they "wave" into a checkered flag as they sweep across the hood.


It was a collaborative effort on the part of a lot of people...John Heinricy, John Cafaro, Gil Schmiel, Curt Collins (Firebird) Bret Christie (Kay Graphics) Jeff Yachnin (SLP) myself...and many others.


So... that's the short version of how the 35th was developed and why it looks the way it does. And I think it kicks ### if I must say so myself.


Scott Settlemire - FBODFATHER




Was it a spy image of the 35th LE?

An untold secret


When this alleged spy image of the 35th Anniversary Camaro SS surfaced it left many wondering how accurate the image was.  GM contacts were asked if this image was genuine and they replied that "GM could not confirm nor deny the existence nor the accuracy of the image" , and then grumbled as an end to the conversation.   We now know that the image was a fake, or could have possibly been an image of a 35th Anniversary prototype.  At this point, no one seems to know where the "spy image" originated from....


Source: CamaroZ28.com


The possible prototype
The possible prototype

7 years later - this...

Scott Settlemire (Friday, 27 March 2009 19:57)

Rob! AMAZING website that brought back so many many memories for me! I'm so grateful that you did this -- as the Camaro truly is a recognized American institution!

(and that picture of me -- wow -- I look so young in that picture!)

Tidbit: I laughed when I saw the Pewter Camaro "prototype 35th anniversary" -- you see, that was done to deliberately throw people off! That happened to be Ed Hamburger's (Ed is the founder and owner of SLP engineering) wife's V6 convertible -- and Dave photoshopped the stripe package on there.....it's actually taken behind a 7/eleven store -- he simply put the SLP nameplate on the rear exit to the store!

Many memories -- and I hope that those who bought the 35th have had many miles of smiles!


Scott Settlemire

GM Camaro Product Manager





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