2002 35th Anniversary Camaro SS LE Brickyard 400

RPO "Z7D" Festival Car



Because 2002 was the last year of the 4th Gen Camaro, Chevrolet felt it was important to do a special Camaro for the 2002 Brickyard 400.


Thus, a limited number of "special" Camaro SS convertibles were commissioned. The original intent was to offer the two-tone Ebony/Pewter Leather interior from the Anniversary car however, it would not have been appropriate to put the 35th Anniversary Badge on the seats. A two-tone seat without the badging would have required new part numbers which was a 'no-no' with engineering and the assembly plant.





However the 35th Anniversary wheels did make the cut - the 17" painted/machine finish aluminum wheel - and assigned that content to a new RPO code, "Z7D" which was then given the name "Brickyard 400 Package."

57 of these cars were built. All but 5 of them had Automatic transmissions, the other 5 of course had 6-speeds and all the six-speeds were delivered to VIPs.


Chevy had never done a special RPO code prior to this for the Brickyard 400 thus, these cars are somewhat unique and because collectors have all it will be hard to do a 'knockoff' - the code shows up on the window label and also in the build manifest sticker on the driver's door. All but one of the 57 cars were built the same week... The first car was actually built in April as a "pilot" and was immediately striped and put on the Camaro Legends Tour.





The cars had the Brickyard 400 decals installed at Indianapolis. The majority of the cars where used for driver introductions at the Brickyard. Each car is numbered 2-43 and assigned to each driver by starting position in the race. Car #1 was a six speed and a substitute car was used for pole sitter Tony Stewart.







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2002 35th Anniversary Brickyard 400

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